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Our methodical approach to working with quality security and life safety products and our dedication to best-in-class service will give you the peace of mind to focus on what you do best: run your business. We focus on being deliberate in our installation and service and having a plan rather than taking on inferior products that could lead to failure. It’s what we call Parts and Smarts. This approach has helped us make a lasting impact — one that’s felt in the businesses and industries we work alongside every day.


Our Trusted Partners

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Fire Alarm

Consider top-tier fire safety systems that provide unparalleled reliability, quick detection, and superior protection for the ultimate peace of mind.


We like to work with Autocall because of its cost value for complicated systems. Autocall helps commercial businesses of all kinds — from strip malls to high rises — to protect employees, customers, assets, and property with early fire detection.

What we love best about Potter is the consistent quality of their fire alarm products. Potter has always been at the forefront of innovation, constantly striving to identify and leverage new opportunities to protect, secure, and monitor the people and property that matter most. 

Access Control

Explore our access control solutions for total protection against unauthorized access and security risks.

Continental Access

We use Continental Access for access controls and card readers on doors. Their commitment to quality and dedication to innovation — all delivered at a cost-effective price point — is why we trust their products. Continental Access has helped shape the access control category since the early years of card access. 

Galaxy Control Systems 

We appreciate the low cost and simplicity of the Galaxy Control Systems secondary access control products. Organizations of every shape and size trust Galaxy Access Control for the security and life safety of their people and assets. 


We work with LenelS2 for the robust customizations their products offer. LenelS2 has advanced access controls that support the evolving needs of the ever-changing security landscape. 

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Video Management System (VMS)

Use the right combination of cameras and sensors with software and analytics that give actionable video insights.


We believe in Milestone products because of their unparalleled reputation and commitment to quality. Milestone provides actionable insights from video data through the perfect combination of your cameras and sensors and their open-platform software and analytics. 


We collaborate with Verkada for its cameras, access controls, and VMS — scalable security that’s all wrapped into one. Although Verkada products are considered cameras, they are the only ones with cameras that have a built-in VMS. 


We really like how well Salient integrates with Hanwha Vision video surveillance systems and Continental Access controls. Salient is built with an open architecture VMS and can be integrated with thousands of cameras, access control, and analytics solutions. 


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Uncover advanced alarms for responsive security with glass and motion detection.


We believe in Ademco because they provide a level of service higher than traditional CCTV systems. We use Ademco for efficient and cost-effective burglar alarms, keypads, broken glass detection, and motion detection. They enable comprehensive surveillance coverage and purpose-built platforms for handling intensive video data demands. 

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Nurse Call

Tailor an affordable nurse call solution to your operational goals and needs in a senior living or hospital care facility.

Cornell Emergency Response Systems

We’re big fans of Cornell because they help your staff work smarter, reducing turnover with a system tailored to how your staff prefers to work. Cornell Emergency Response Systems offers a highly configurable design. 

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Wireless Clocks

Explore wireless, synchronized clocks for schools, hospitals, pharmacies, offices, and warehouses.

Primex Wireless 

We love The Primex Wireless industrially synchronized clocks that unify timekeeping across entire campuses and facilities through one point of network access. Primex delivers wireless technologies that automate error-prone, manual processes to protect sensitive assets, minimize risk, and free up staff to focus on bigger concerns. 

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Closed Circuit Television

Find comprehensive surveillance coverage with end-to-end architecture design and installation. 

Hanwha Vision

We lead with Hanwha because of its quality and affordability. Hanwha Vision (formerly Hanwha Techwin) is a leading manufacturer of cloud-based IP surveillance solutions with video analytics. 

Axis Security 

What we find impressive as an Axis Communications’ Channel Partner is access to tools, training and certification, and technical support. Axis is a leader in video surveillance products, and we can help you add to your existing system. 

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Paging and Sound Masking

Achieve acoustic comfort with our sound masking technology combined with crystal-clear paging for seamless communications.


We think the Lencore white/pink noise is more effective for a pleasant working environment. Lencore is the premier provider of sound masking solutions, paging, and audio systems. 


We value the Valcom paging system because it can be configured for single-zone or multi-zone facilities. Valcom’s on-premise paging systems allow you to expand announcements within your facility through speakers, horns, and intercoms that broadcast clear, audible messages in a timely manner. 

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Building Automation Systems (BAS)

Get access to building automation systems that simplify facility management — saving energy, enhancing comfort, and ensuring operational efficiency.

KMC Controls

We think KMC really steps up the game with their system, fully automating everything and giving facility managers the whole picture of data and controls. KMC Controls offers commercial and industrial building controls that manage environmental attributes across a facility or campus, such as heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, and overall energy consumption.